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Friday, March 13, 2009

Night Lights

For a while now, I have been wanting to go out and shoot some night photography. Just for myself. Everyday I drive an overpass that overlooks the 580 Freeway, and everyday I tell myself that I will take some time in the evening to bring my camera out and photograph the headlights of the cars driving on the freeway. But when life seems to head from one day to the next so quickly, I find myself in the same place the very next day telling myself the same exact thing. Thanks to my beloved beau who encouraged me one night to go out and shoot the night lights I've been wanting to capture. We even made an evening of it. Bundled up in warm clothing, road soda ready and music stocked we drove to Grizzly Peak first. This seems to be a popular spot for the younger crowd for late nights, but since we arrived there early we had the perfect spot. No wonder the peak sees a lot of company at night. The view is absolutely breathtaking! After I took my shots, we headed ......well, home I guess. But we did make one last stop, to the overpass overlooking 580. This is no fantastic scene at night, and certainly not during the day, but nonetheless, I could capture the headlights of the cars passing under. Sounds boring huh? You'd be wrong. I got some great shots, that I am ready proud of.
See for yourself!

I love this shotHighway 580
The concrete that made it all happen


Anonymous said...

These shots are amazing! You really have a gift here, Sweetheart!...AND you're having fun = ) Keep up the good work!! -Erica

Christine said...

Wow! From photog to another please let me say you have an amazing eye! If you're ever in AZ look me up I'd gladly hire you for a session =)